Emily Mills is a writer, editor, social media manager, musician, photographer, actor, and event organizer living in Madison, Wisconsin.

She is currently the Media & PR Manager for the Wisconsin chapter of the Nature Conservancy and the emeritus Editor of Our Lives, Wisconsin’s LGBTQ+ magazine. She formerly wrote a weekly opinion column for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2013-18) and fielded extremely colorful email responses as a result.

She has authored one self-published novel, The Fix Up (2008), and is currently seeking representation and publication for her new novel, The Irregulars.

Emily is also the drummer/singer of Damsel Trash and Little Red Wolf. She can also be seen competing with Madison Roller Derby and announcing on the worldwide roller derby tournament circuit under the name Hammer Abby.

Emily’s writing and photography work has appeared in The Progressive, Rewire.News, USA Today, NBC Think, Isthmus, Tone Madison, Dane101Wisconsin People & Ideas MagazineOur Lives Magazine, 77 Square, Wisconsin Gazette, Madison Magazine, Derby Central, and others. She has had essays and photos published in Cut From Plain Cloth: The 2011 Wisconsin Worker Protests and We Are Wisconsin.

Alongside Allie Gator, Emily is the co-host the Something Something Roller Derby podcast, and she has appeared as a guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts covering range of topics.

Interviews & Other Things:

Emily is available as a guest speaker on topics ranging from grassroots journalism, new media, alternative event organization, Wisconsin politics, LGBTQ issues, roller derby, and more. Contact her at lostalbatross AT gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! My name is Nate Foulks and I am a digital media producer at Spectrum Brands in Middleton WI. I heard you on the radio and was wondering if you do voice over work? If yes, I would be interested in your voice recordings! My email is nate.foulks@spectrumbrands.com, please feel free to reach out at any time and we can chat more.

  2. Hey Emily, we met at the Rollin dolls event at Ribina. Are you playing out a.lot? We’re looking for diverse percussion, thought of you. If you’re super busy, a referral is appreciated.

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