Fiction, feature and narrative reporting, opinion, and analysis.


  • Current project: A completed manuscript for The Irregulars, a historical novel set during and immediately after the American Civil War and told through the lens of women and queer people’s experiences.
  • Emily’s first novel, “The Fix Up,” was self-published in 2008 and is available for sale online as well as in Madison at A Room of One’s Own Bookstore, and now at the Madison Public Library’s Central Branch!
  • Short stories “Shelter,” first-place winner, Black Rock & Sage’s Three Genres Fiction Contest; “Pistol in the Mud,” 3rd place winner, Madison Magazine’s short fiction contest 2007.
  • A poem, “The Killer of Frogs,” was published in Free Verse  issue #95.

Reporting, essays, and opinions:

Non-fiction books/collections:

  • “Cut From Plain Cloth: The 2011 Wisconsin Worker Protests” (Dennis Weidemann, 2011 Manitenahk Books) – photos
  • “We Are Wisconsin – The Wisconsin uprising in the words of the activists, writers, and everyday Wisconsinites who made it happen” (Erica Sagrans ed., 2011 Tasora Books) – essay

One thought on “Writing

  1. I look forward to reading your column each week in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, but I was especially impressed with your commentary about taking deadly force off the table (May 16, 2015). It seems some police are too anxious to use deadly (excessive?) force against unarmed people. I still wonder why it took 7 bullets to stop Tony Robinson or 14 bullets to stop Dontrelle Williams. Why not just back off and call for reenforcements? your article also made me realize that the person who called the police in the hope of getting help for Tony Robinson must feel absolutely horrible.

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